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Choosing your celebrant can be difficult and you will want your celebrant to be able to offer caring and professional assistance on this very special and wonderful day of your life. It is always best to decide on your celebrant either from a personal recommendation or by attending a ceremony conducted by the celebrant in order to hear and see what the celebrant offers. If the celebrant is willing you may like to arrange a meeting with them to talk over your wedding details. The first consideration for a couple when choosing their celebrant is whether they would prefer a male or a female celebrant. The first contact is usually by telephone and the way in which the celebrant answers all your questions will help you to decide if you will feel comfortable with the celebrant. Things to keep in mind when speaking to the celebrant are: was the celebrant helpful and friendly and did the celebrant give the correct information in a professional manner. This will determine whether you can establish a rapport with the celebrant. Celebrants are individual and are always willing to relate to your needs for your particular requirements.


When contacting a celebrant you should first establish their availability for your day. You may need to have a few time options available. Many couples wish to marry on Saturday afternoon at about 3:00pm so it may be that your preferred time is not available. Celebrants vary in their delivery of service. Some may offer you a ceremony which is generally acceptable while others will offer a choice of ceremonies from their collections. You should feel comfortable with your celebrant and know that together you have planned what you want for your Wedding Ceremony.


When you meet with your celebrant of your choice you will be required to take with you your original Birth Certificate or an Extract if you have been born in Australia. If you have been born overseas and have a current passport that will suffice in lieu of a Birth Certificate but a Birth Certificate can also be shown to the celebrant. If you are a divorced person you must show the document relevant to the termination of the previous marriage or if you are a widow or widower you must show the Death Certificate. If you have not already obtained a Notice of Intended Marriage your celebrant will have that document available for you together with all the necessary legal documentation. You can also see our Links/Downloads area for documentation.


A Notice of Intended Marriage must be lodged with your celebrant not earlier than 18 months before the date of the marriage and not later than one month before the date of the marriage. Under certain circumstances a Shortening of Time may be obtained and your celebrant can explain this to you. A Notice of Intended Marriage should be lodged only once with the celebrant of your choice. The NOIM is lodged not with a governmental body but actually with the celebrant.


Your ceremony should reflect your views about marriage. If you wish, your ceremony should give you the opportunity to involve family and/or friends in sharing readings, verses or songs. These choices should be yours to make. Your celebrant should be able to help you through these choices.


Celebrants will usually ask for a deposit, booking or lodgement fee to ensure that their services are secured for your date, place and time. Fees, like ceremonies, will vary between celebrants and it is wise to check with your celebrant about his or her fee for service. In the Code of Practice the celebrant is required to give the fee structure to the couple before they actually meet the celebrant. To this end celebrants are required to give a Statement of Fees to the couple presumably before the meeting. If you request a celebrant to travel distances to officiate at your wedding, you will be charged for the distance to be travelled. Ensure that you reach agreement on the fee prior to booking a celebrant.

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If you are in your search for Marriage Celebrants or information on appointments as a Marriage Celebrants or training to become a Marriage Celebrant. You will also find documents and instructions for the legal requirements on getting married. Please see our Useful Links and Downloads Section.

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